Get the Skinny on Meditrim

Get the Skinny on Meditrim

Put your trust in a weight loss clinic that delivers results

When Meditrim opened its doors in 1986, our goal was simple: help the residents of East Texas lead healthier lifestyles. We've provided safe solutions and methods to help people in our community with their weight loss objectives. Dr. Michael Shukan developed our weight loss method over 30 years ago. Since then, we've helped over 100,000 people reach their goals.

Combat cravings so you can eat healthier food

The first step of our weight loss process is an amino acid injection that quells feelings of hunger. It also boosts your metabolism, enabling you to burn fat faster without feeling the need to snack or overeat. You'll have the energy and willpower you need to stick to your diet.

Your reaction to our fat-burning injection will be closely monitored by a qualified medical professional. Weight loss specialists will keep a close eye on your diet and workout routine to make sure that you aren't overexerting yourself or doing anything that could harm your health.

Call our Livingston location at 936-327-2565, our Huntsville location at 936-295-0388 or our Lufkin location at 936-699-4933 to discuss your personal weight loss goals.