Awesome weight loss program!

Kari Williams

The staff is awesome Always friendly

Jessica Gilcrease

Very professional - employees are very caring!

Deidra Kaye Taylor

I'm so pleased to be back on track with this program. In just a 4 week stretch I have lost almost 15 pounds. Thank you

Sirena Mahaffey

This is the best weight loss program I have found that really works. The support you receive from this program is phenomenal. I recommend giving them a call and get started. The staff is so friendly

Wanda Kruse

very friendly! it was my first visit and I felt very comfortable.

Maci Ellis

Absolutely love the office in Livingston!! Wonderful staff!! In and Out!!

Shiela Green

They have always been inspiring to me. When i gain a pound they encourage me to do better. always nice

Tonya Hoffman

Just love them they always are helpful and kind and have great knowledge to help you lose the weight

Lisa Christian Lyons

love my Ladies? need questioned answered they are a wonderful team to answer.

Laura Campa

Today I had my first meeting, got my shot, and my meds I will begin taking tomorrow. I'm only 16 and I have anxiety/depression so I was so nervous I was going to be judged. But everyone was nice, they cared about my life and made sure I knew what was going on and that I didn't have any questions. Some doctors I go to ask my mom if she understands and ignores I'm there so it was different for them to ask if I had questions. I'll update the review if I lost weight or not. I shamefully way 311+ pounds, I didn't know I gained that much and I covered my eyes when I saw that so I covered my eyes. I've lost hope in losing until now I feel like I am finally changing my life

I lost 6 pounds and it's just my first week! One think about me is I tried tons of different diets and got no success! So this is shocking and I've never been so happy!

Ally Mations